Our services offer multi-faceted ways for individuals to connect to local ecosystems and fulfill key landscape functions (water cycling, soil fertility, carbon capture, habitat for pollinators and other wildlife), all while producing an abundance of nutrient-dense food and medicine. Through design, consultation, installation and education, we empower our clients to increase the beauty and resiliency of the land they live on.

Whether you have a small city lot, a suburban parcel, or a larger rural property, we work to harmonize the landscape's potentials with your personal goals. Click below to learn more about what we do:

 Custom designs that balance your visions, needs & goals with the unique characteristics and needs of the landscape


Edible landscaping. Backyard Habitat.

Lawn transitions. 

Stormwater management.     Composting systems. 


And more


 Custom Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly service tailored to your needs.


Consultation. Garden coaching.Work-alongside. School garden curriculum.