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My design philosophy strives for a balance of three qualities:

  1. Beauty ("curb appeal"),

  2. Biodiversity (birds, beneficial insects, and other wildlife);

  3. Abundance (yields of fruits, nuts, vegetables, medicinals, and other plants useful to humans).

I believe that a flow of these qualities can regenerate the health and vitality of the land and all of its inhabitants, including humans. Beauty is inherently sustainable, because what we adore we will strive to care for and protect. Biodiversity is inherently beautiful and health-giving because it is so alive. 


Specifically, I specialize in landscape and garden design and installs that feature:

  • Edible landscaping: plants that are nourishing, medicinal or otherwise useful to humans.

  • Ecological landscaping: Native plants and features that create habitat for birds, beneficial insects and other wildlife

  • Stormwater management and mitigation systems

  • Composting systems for any home

  • Simple, affordable irrigation systems 

Below is an overview of our design process, though we are happy to adjust our regular services to meet your needs.

1. Inquire about Service. We will set up a time to meet to walk through your property to discuss your visions, needs and goals, assess the land, and discuss what services we can offer.

2. Consultation (optional). We will walk your property to assess health indicators and answer questions about plant identification, plant location, landscape health, how to integrate with local ecology, and longterm care. 

3. Choose the care you need. We have a recommended care schedule that works including compost management with all annual contracts. We are also happy to adapt our services to meet you and your homes needs.


4. Monitoring and Upkeep. our regular check-ups help you keep track of key indicators and seasonal upkeep ensures the natural systems are in order.

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